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Forever in Awe

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Happy Mabon! 


Nick Cave and Warren Ellis by Andrew Whitton (x)

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To celebrate the grand opening of my new brick and mortar store Sandalwood I’m doing a September giveaway! 
I’ll pay the shipping. 
Give Away ends on October 1st. 

The prizes: 

  • 2 small glass corked bottles of natural oil perfume (Amber Musk and Rainforest)
  • A whole big pile of bulk Indian sandalwood and amber incense
  • A box of Worth incense
  • A glass jar Lavender candle with cork top
  • Buddhist prayer bead bracelet
  • A rough chunk of rose quartz
  • A really nice dark amethyst point cluster 
  • An amethyst merkaba pendulum

The Rules:

  1. This is a promo for my new store so I’m trying hard to get likes on Facebook.   The winner must like my page here.
  2. Follows on tumblr here will count as another entry. 
  3. Reblogs count as another entry but please don’t spam  your followers
  4. This contest is for North America residents only. 
  5. You must be 18 or older as per the tumblr guidelines
  6. No giveaway blogs
  7. You must have your inbox open so I can message you for your address if you win. 
  8. You must be willing to give me your address if you win. 
  9. I’ll use to pick the winner
  10. You have 48 hours to respond or I’ll pick another winner.  

and thank you all for your support of my new shop :)

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full moon spread with the Enchanted Tarot…

This deck looks amazing!


Keighley Moor, West Yorkshire by mariotlr on Flickr.

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