"Our whole lives are just stories" x

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" Shhhh! Don’t tell that story again! Don’t utter another syllable about the pain, the losses that have left you broken, unless you are ready to recover right now. Stop dragging yourself back there, reminding yourself of how bad it was for you then unless it has some relevance to what you are doing right now. Each time you think about, talk about, or remember then, you put that energy squarely in the middle of your life right now. "

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I hate that this is against the flyers but…lol

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" Not everyone you lose is a loss. "


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From a 1940’s Scout’s song book

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This is Tarra! Her mother was a Springer Spaniel, but we noticed she looks very much like a short Newfoundland, so we think that’s what the daddy was, or at least what he had in him! She’s turning nine this summer, but you wouldn’t think that looking at her. 


by Content Writer, Rev. Katie Norris

I was mortified one day when a parent asked my son if he wanted to have a play date with her child and my son looked the parent straight in the eye and said “No. I would not like a playdate with [your child].” In my head I was thinking I should…

Can we please teach this to my 44 yr old husband too?

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This is my body. The temple of my creativity and spirit. It’s fat, plush, soft and contrary to popular belief, quite healthy. It allows me to touch, taste, feel, smell and experience the world around me.

This is my body.

It’s just mine.

& I fucking love it.

Hell Yes. 

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